Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 5 2011 - Day 7 in Paradise

And on the seventh day they rested...

Way too much fun on Day 6, and so Day 7 was just plain old kicking back.  Had lunch and shopping trip to Hanalei.  Talked to lots of people, and had a lovely time relaxing there.  Java Kai makes the best coffee on Kauai, and great sandwiches too.

In the late afternoon we had a long walk around this north shore area where we are staying and took a (very small ) number of photos.  An albatross photobombed my shoreline photo:

Later in the walk we found out why we see so many albatross from the condo.  In the evening they come back to rest for the night at the local golf course, where there is a section of their preferred trees and where they are protected:

I believe that I also saw some java sparrows so I need to go back and verify, and maybe get a few pics.

Also found this cute holiday reindeer:

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