Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6 2011 - Day 8 in Paradise

Day 8 in paradise was 1000 millimeters under the sea.... Snorkeling, take 2, this time in a nice safe spot, not red flagged, not challenging, just fun. Lydgate Beach is a great place for beginners and yet still very fun.  There were tons of different kinds of fish and very friendly fish too.  People feed the fish there frequently, and so there are plenty of fish that just school around you while you swim.

Here is my snorkeling buddy:

I was an unbelievable PITA about buying all of this snorkeling gear, but now that I have tried it under safe non-threatening conditions I am in love with snorkeling and am very happy to have our own kit.  We will definitely be doing this again closer to home.  I love just splashing around in the pacific with the wet suit and staying cozy and warm  (I went with 3 mil and Tom went with 5.  I am very happy with the lighter weight kit).
Both of our kids have had wet suit gear for years.  We are just catching up now.

We spent pretty much the whole day at the beach, either swimming, snorkeling, or picnicking.  all delish!

Loved playing with the underwater camera also, of course.  More fish snaps are here:

We also recorded underwater movies, but I have stopped putting video on Flickr because they have changed their settings and video just looks bad there.  Perhaps they cannot afford to support video volume and are trying to discourage this practice.  Here is one of our better attempts:

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